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Cogs & Marvel create extraordinary brand experiences using our very special mix of left brain and right brain skills.

To logistics we bring instinct. To order we bring emotion. We’ve been perfecting this wondrous mix since our Dublin launch as Green Light Events back in 2006. Our first job was organizing Google’s European Sales Conference in Berlin for over 800 people, earning us a reputation as the leading event agency in the then newborn tech scene. We have grown up alongside the tech industry, producing ever bigger, more innovative events for Google and working with other global tech companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Zalando and Tibco. We’ve created everything from mega conferences of up to 5000 people and logistically challenging live roadshows to immersive brand experiences and activations that imprint onto memory and inspire behaviour.  Our experience with the tech companies meant we became more innovative and more creative, and soon clients in other industries wanted to work with us too; clients like Failte Ireland, Matheson, The Financial Times, Mason Hayes Curran and MasterCard. We have redefined the industry for clients in 22 countries to date. We even created our very own travel company, Green Light Travel, and in 2016 we opened our San Francisco office.

We believe in the power of simple and inspired ideas that are rooted in brand consciousness. Our creative ability means we can dream bigger, brighter dreams. Meanwhile, our logistical and strategic capability means we can make those dreams a reality. In recognition of these two different but essential aspects of how we express the truths of your brand, we recently rebranded as Cogs & Marvel, weavers of fact and magic.

To strategy we bring art. To brand narrative we bring life.

Dave Smyth

Dave Smyth

Group CEO

Jane Gallagher

Jane Gallagher

Founder and COO EMEA, Dublin

Roisin Callaghan

Roisin Callaghan

Founder and CEO USA, San Francisco

Dave Smyth

Dave Smyth

Group CEO

Jane Gallagher

Jane Gallagher

Founder and COO EMEA, Dublin

Roisin Callaghan

Roisin Callaghan

Founder and CEO USA, San Francisco

Shane Holohan Shane Holohan

Shane Holohan

Creative Director, Dublin

Aoife Kane Aoife Kane

Aoife Kane

Senior Project Manager, Dublin

Killian Whelan Killian Whelan

Killian Whelan


Suzanne Sheerin Suzanne Sheerin

Suzanne Sheerin

Project Manager, Dublin

Sean Hogan Sean Hogan

Sean Hogan

CFO, Dublin

Sarah Bourke Sarah Bourke

Sarah Bourke

Junior Project Manager, Dublin

Millie Alonso Millie Alonso

Millie Alonso

Junior Project Manager (Registration), Dublin

Ali Molloy Ali Molloy

Ali Molloy

Senior Project Manager, Dublin

Niamh Galligan Niamh Galligan

Niamh Galligan

Project Manager (Registration), Dublin

Daniel Halpin Daniel Halpin

Daniel Halpin

Head of Sales and Marketing, Dublin

Sue Hickey Sue Hickey

Sue Hickey

Travel Manager, Dublin

Shonagh Sweeney Shonagh Sweeney

Shonagh Sweeney

Project Manager, Dublin

Stephen Turley Stephen Turley

Stephen Turley

Junior Project Manager (Registration), Dublin

Louise Kennedy Louise Kennedy

Louise Kennedy

Senior Project Manager, Dublin

Elaine Bennett Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett

Project Manager, Dublin

Jenny Coyne Jenny Coyne

Jenny Coyne

Financial Controller, Dublin

Alice Connors Alice Connors

Alice Connors

Junior Project Manager, Dublin

Leah Perrott Leah Perrott

Leah Perrott

Registration Manager, Dublin

Gretel Downey Gretel Downey

Gretel Downey

Junior Project Manager, Dublin

Alishia Farrell Alishia Farrell

Alishia Farrell

Accountant, Dublin

Ailbhe Gavin Ailbhe Gavin

Ailbhe Gavin

Project Manager, Dublin

Sinéad Lawlor Sinéad Lawlor

Sinéad Lawlor

Senior Project Manager, Dublin

Caoimhe Corrigan Caoimhe Corrigan

Caoimhe Corrigan

Travel Executive, Dublin

David Gould David Gould

David Gould

Logistics Manager, Dublin

Clodagh Daly Clodagh Daly

Clodagh Daly

Events Executive, Dublin

Stephanie Cummins Stephanie Cummins

Stephanie Cummins

Project Manager, Dublin

Aisling Joyce Aisling Joyce

Aisling Joyce

Operations Director, Dublin

Emily Loughran Emily Loughran

Emily Loughran

Junior Project Manager (Registration), Dublin

Lauren Brennan Lauren Brennan

Lauren Brennan

Junior Project Manager, Dublin

Hannah Jenkinson Hannah Jenkinson

Hannah Jenkinson

Junior Project Manager, Dublin

Myriam Riand Myriam Riand

Myriam Riand

Junior Graphic Designer, Dublin

Jonathan Randall Jonathan Randall

Jonathan Randall

Junior Travel Executive, Dublin

Linda Byrne Linda Byrne

Linda Byrne

Accounts Administrator, Dublin

Niall Varley Niall Varley

Niall Varley

Production Director, Dublin

Ciara Freeman Ciara Freeman

Ciara Freeman

Junior Project Manager, Dublin

Sonja Jovetic Sonja Jovetic

Sonja Jovetic

Senior Graphic Designer, Dublin

Sarah O'Brien Sarah O'Brien

Sarah O'Brien

Marketing Executive, Dublin

Louise Carroll Louise Carroll

Louise Carroll

HR and Finance Executive, Dublin

Jim Monaghan Jim Monaghan

Jim Monaghan

Logistics Manager, Dublin

Amy Kerr Amy Kerr

Amy Kerr

Finance Administrator, San Francisco

Tara O'Flaherty Tara O'Flaherty

Tara O'Flaherty

Project Manager, San Francisco

Aedamar Drummond Aedamar Drummond

Aedamar Drummond

Operations Director, San Francisco

Sabina Sayers Sabina Sayers

Sabina Sayers

Junior Project Manager, San Francisco

Katie Mannion Katie Mannion

Katie Mannion

Junior Project Manager, San Francisco

Natasha Campbell Natasha Campbell

Natasha Campbell

Project Manager, San Francisco

Hanna Milani-Walker Hanna Milani-Walker

Hanna Milani-Walker

Registration Manager, San Francisco

Christiana Thurton Christiana Thurton

Christiana Thurton

Junior Project Manager, San Francisco

Fiona Tolley Fiona Tolley

Fiona Tolley

Junior Project Manager, San Francisco

Karen Conway Karen Conway

Karen Conway

Travel Executive, San Francisco



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