5 ways yoga increases your creativity

Yoga has long been associated with having positive effects on strength, stability, and general wellbeing, but its impact on divergent thinking is not as widely appreciated. At the Cogs & Marvel office, self-crowned holistic guru Sinéad has been leading the charge to enhance our creativity through weekly yoga classes here in our Dublin HQ. Each Thursday morning the talented and wonderful Katie Coldrick comes to our office for a yoga class which has become quite the popular meetup. While we’re reaping the rewards, we wanted to share our reasons for believing in the part yoga plays in honing our creative output.


Focusing our minds

By holding uncomfortable positions and remaining completely focused on our breath, in time we learn how to quieten our minds and the “urgent” thoughts that try to distract us from the task at hand become less intrusive. Read more here on how deep-breathing exercises increase our alpha brain waves – the same waves associated with higher levels of creativity and cognitive function.



Melting away stress

Morning yoga practice, with its deep focus on form and breathing, helps melt away the stressful thoughts that constant multi-tasking brings. This open state of mind is more conducive to clear, creative thoughts and problem solving. Maintaining composure and focusing on the breath through challenging postures equips us with better coping mechanisms for day-to-day problems and challenges. Morning yoga readies both our bodies and minds to successfully tackle whatever the day throws at us, allowing us to face each challenge with focus, determination, and a mind open to creativity.



Improving our sleep

What has sleep got to do with creativity, we hear you ask? Not getting enough restful sleep can have a hugely negative impact on just about every aspect of our lives – including our creativity. Sleep deprivation impacts our moods and cognitive function, making it difficult to deftly handle creative tasks, while a good night’s sleep helps us uncover insights to see new creative solutions to old problems. Sure didn’t Paul McCarthy famously arrive at the final melody for “Yesterday” while asleep? So he says anyway.


“People are 33 percent more likely to infer connections among distantly related ideas after sleeping, but few realise that their performance has actually improved.”

Dr. Ellenbogen, Harvard research


Being truly authentic

One of the first things we noticed after a few weeks of regular practice is an improved posture. Standing up straight, holding our heads high, and looking forward has an immediate positive impact on self-confidence. One of our biggest obstructions to realising our creative potential is a lack of confidence to express it. Like any muscle, the more we flex our uninhibited creative mind the more conditioned and productive it becomes. When the body, mind and spirit are in harmony, our creativity flows with great clarity. Regular practice has the effect of aligning us with our authentic selves; that inspired place where the inner child skips and dances and self-expression is uninhibited and natural.



Developing our passions

Practicing yoga helps us to move toward doing more of what we love as we gradually build our self-awareness and understand more our creative potential. With a more focused, calm mind we can move more directly towards what we really want. When our inner passion is aligned with what we do daily you can be sure your creative well will never run dry.


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