Brand Activations that won the 2016/17 Festival Season

Where is your target audience? You can probably find them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn – but are they finding you? Why do they want to hear about how great your brand is on their morning commute or last minute Facebook scroll before bed? How can you reach them where they’re most receptive?

Consumer Personal Systems Marketing Director at HP, Renata Gaspar told Event Marketer that “78 percent of millennials are more inclined to become part of a brand if they have face-to-face interaction with it, and that 65 percent enjoy creating and sharing content while they are on social media”, with the brand’s engagements increasing by threefold online through the “authentic moments” the brand created at Panorama last year. Brands need to do more than push content and ads at their audience – they need to allow them the space to experience the brand for themselves.

We’ve looked at the best festival experiences created by some of the world’s biggest brands over the past twelve months – brands who have taken their marketing offline and into the field (literally) to reach their target markets in an interactive and playful environment.

Check out our pick of 2016/17’s best brand activations below.


The Festival Bottle – Coca-Cola Romania

Proving that it’s not about who has the most real estate on the day. To encourage teens to buy more Coca-Cola, the brand partnered with Transylvania’s Untold to create Coca-Cola labels that doubled as music festival wristbands.


YouTube Beach – #PrideForEveryone – Cannes Lions

As part of the international Festival of Creativity, YouTube hosted Pride Day on YouTube beach – bringing the space to life with the Pride colours and celebrations and positioning itself as a vibrant and diverse social platform.  The activation offered rainbow coloured beachwear designs, with live performances, fancy dress, and a Pride party to close out the week at Cannes.



HP Antarctic experience – Coachella

Continuing on from their success at Panorama, HP created a series of experiences for attendees at Coachella for them to explore and share onsite and online.  Inside The Antarctic, an 11,000ft2 dome, HP exhibited their design capabilities with a projected display on the ceiling of the dome, while the guests could explore the digital inking, printing, and VR capabilities of HP.



Google Play Music Block – Panorama

Google brought music to life at Panorama 2016. The Google Play Music Block, a 30ft LED powered cube installation, acted as a fun backdrop to the festival. Inside the block, attendees could plug into the headphone-jack wall while the animations on the screens outside reflected the music preferences from the wall, bringing a fun and interactive edge to the festival experience.


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