Case study: Autodesk EMEA press launch

Last week, Cogs & Marvel designed a press launch experience for Dublin’s latest tech giant, Autodesk – the design software and services company.

While Autodesk has not had a significant presence in Ireland for a number of years, Autodesk has long been at the heart of the constantly evolving Dublin cityscape. While the Poolbeg Towers will always be synonymous with Dublin, new structures around the city are capturing the imagination of locals, tourists, and the growing Irish tech community. One of these designs is 1WML – a newly developed office complex in Dublin’s docklands that offers its inhabitants an experience unlike anything else Dublin has to offer. The building’s bright public atrium and offices overlooking the docks, built with a modern industrial vision, was designed using Autodesk technology, and is home to Autodesk’s new EMEA headquarters.


The brief

To launch Autodesk on the Dublin tech community, affirm its existing presence in the Dublin cityscape, and announce the 200 job opportunities the company is offering across its finance, operations, localisation, and sales teams, we wanted to create an experience that was true to their brand proposition: Autodeskers are makers; makers of anything.

The concept

With the Irish tech community continuing to grow and announcements of new jobs being created a regular feature in the Irish news, we wanted to own the narrative around the launch and announce this launch, the return of Autodesk to Dublin, as something important. We wanted the media to portray Autodesk as more than the new kids on the block. We wanted to show Autodesk as a fundamental part of the modern Irish cityscape – a company with a long relationship with Dublin and an exciting future ahead.


The Autodesk Cityscape Tour experience

We invited key media people, new Dublin employees, government officials, and internal stakeholders to the launch of Autodesk’s Dublin office, arranging a meeting point for launch day.

Guests were picked up on the Autodesk Dublin Cityscape Tour coach and brought on a tour of Dublin’s architectural highlights with a Professor of Architecture and the Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation, telling them about the buildings they passed along the way: who designed them, what’s great about them, and, most importantly, how Autodesk’s products made it possible for their creators to make anything.


Exhibit stands

Arriving at 1WML, guests were brought into a living example of what Autodesk can make – a venue that speaks to their brand. Around the venue, we installed a series of wooden framed displays with free-spinning perspex images that acted as engaging touchpoints for attendees, inviting them to spin around panels that showed the software drawings, models, and finished buildings that have been created using Autodesk software. We profiled the international Autodesk offices with wooden stands framing the office designs.


The stage

The stage set was designed to fit seamlessly into the 1WML environment. The stage skirting and the lectern surround was designed using a similar tile to the existing wall panels in the space, using the brand’s blue to create a distinctly Autodesk look and feel.


Communications reach

The story that broke in the media reflected the message that we had crafted – that Autodesk isn’t starting afresh in Dublin, but is taking up its natural place in the city.

Press coverage of the event can be found in the following publications:


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