Case study: Google DoubleClick Leadership Summit

For the third consecutive year, Cogs & Marvel, formerly known as Green Light Events, brought 240 C-level executives from across the EMEA region to Dublin for the annual DoubleClick Leadership Summit for the three-day event.


The Brief

  • Host a conference for 300 leading digital marketers from across EMEA
  • Find an offsite venue for Day One meetings
  • Create two evening events in Dublin City Centre venues with a focus on attendee networking
  • Provide flights, transfers, and 5-star accommodation

For the last three years, Irish-headquartered brand experience and creative event agency Cogs & Marvel have brought the DoubleClick Leadership Summit to Dublin. The conference itself is held in the Google EMEA HQ and, in previous years, the evening events have taken place in some of the city’s most memorable venues.  In 2016, Google wanted to host the first day of meetings in an offsite venue.



To contrast the contemporary design of the Google offices for the plenary sessions on Day Two, Day One of the conference was hosted in the Stephen’s Green Club, a private members’ club in the centre of Dublin, for a series of discussion-based meetings. This was followed by a kick-off evening at House Dublin with Motown entertainment.


Each year, Cogs & Marvel has brought new and exciting concepts to the gala evening event that create an atmosphere that will impress attendees and build on the previous year’s expectations. To contrast the two days of meetings in the Google offices where speakers shared updates about new innovations in digital marketing, Cogs & Marvel brought the delegates to the unique Royal Hospital Kilmainham, a 17th century venue, for an evening that reflected the splendour of the Downton Abbey era.

To keep the evening contemporary, the vision was more rustic than ornate but used the dressing elements that made the most impact, from red velvet velour drapes to floral table dressing, Victorian street lamps, and dark wood furniture. As a standout feature on arrival, we used projection on the building exterior and ceiling in an ornate and intricate pattern representative of the time period.


The Results

“DLS 2016 was a great success, thanks to Aoife and her team. The Royal Hospital Kilmainham was an impressive dinner venue choice for our guests to celebrate the close of the event.”

Rosie Martineau, Google EMEA Event Manager


  • Aoife Kane
  • Senior Project Manager


At Cogs & Marvel, we believe that every time you get a group of people together, whether they be staff, customers, partners or consumers, you have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with you. You have an opportunity to turn passive admirers into an army of advocates for your corporate brand. Cogs & Marvel is an event agency that creates brand experiences to delight in the moment and inspire lasting change.

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