Case study: The Lidl Full Shop Brand Experience @ Ploughing 2017

Closing out the Irish festival season with a bang was the National Ploughing Championships. Europe’s largest outdoor event and the highlight of the Irish agricultural calendar, Ploughing plays host to the biggest Irish brands and retailers as it attracts people from around the world every year to the Tullamore tradeshow and exhibition.


Having spent the last three years producing the same experience across the National Ploughing Championships and its Northern Irish equivalent Balmoral Show, Lidl were looking for something different – something that would delight attendees, something designed with the user experience in mind. In 2015 and 2016 they used “Big Red Barn” – a 35m by 12m structure – to house suppliers and entertainment and, for the 2017 Ploughing Championships, the Lidl team had booked the barn again.

The National Ploughing Championships offers Lidl the opportunity to shake off the image of them as a German discount retailer and position themselves as a champion of local Irish producers so we needed to make them stand out from the competition.

Last year, Lidl launched their Full Shop campaign – a series of videos which showed Irish families doing their “full shop” at Lidl and highlighting the savings for consumers who shop in their stores. Lidl wanted to carry this message through in their presence at the National Ploughing Championships 2017.

We approached the project from the attendees’ point of view. With 1,700 exhibitors and 283,000 visitors at the National Ploughing Championship 2016 and more expected for 2017, what would capture their imagination? What would make them stop and pay attention? What experience would help reinforce Lidl’s brand strategy from both a consumer and supplier perspective?

We transformed the Big Red Barn into a physical Full Shop Trolley that towered over the other exhibitors, beginning the experience from the moment you see the trolley over the heads of the crowd to draw people in, like the main stage of a festival.


Stepping into the Full Shop, attendees entered an immersive experience with giant Lidl products hanging from the ceiling and around the walls of the space. Local Lidl suppliers waited to talk to you about their products with samples at the ready, while staff whizzed around the crowds serving a selection of dishes prepared with Lidl produce in the kitchens out back.


On the main stage, as well as live music from country music star Derek Ryan and live cooking demonstrations, we created a bespoke 360٥ VR shopping experience that audience members competed in to guess the value of the Lidl full shop, reinforcing the campaign message that you can save up to 50% of your shopping bill by doing your main shop at Lidl.


With over 72,000 attendees through the doors of the Full Shop over the course of the three day festival, the Lidl Full Shop proved a great success for the client and the local suppliers they work with, highlighting the local produce available in Lidl stores nationwide, the role Lidl plays in supporting communities, and the value Lidl offers consumers.



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