Case study: PlayersXpo “By Gamers, for Gamers”

Working with Independent News and Media, Cogs & Marvel brought the Irish gaming community to Dublin’s Convention Centre in October for the first ever PlayersXpo. PlayersXpo featured some of the biggest names in gaming, YouTube, blogging, publishing, and game development and showcased the best that next generation and retro gaming has to offer. The programme ran for two days, hosting exhibitors, gaming experiences from the world’s biggest entertainment companies, and performances by some of the top gamers on YouTube.

Over the past twelve months, Cogs & Marvel have moved further into the public-facing experiential sphere, with recent events such as the Lidl Full Shop Trolley at the Ploughing Championships and Social Media Summit 2017 offering a memorable experience for attendees while educating them about the brand. The challenge for an event of this scale is in marrying the creative brand experience with the confident logistical skill to move large numbers of people through a space without compromising either.

Cogs & Marvel partnered with INM to create an experience that would appeal to gaming enthusiasts of all ages and experiences. From the moment they walked through the door, we wanted them to feel excited by all of the opportunities that lay ahead throughout the day. INM had created a programme for the two-day event that had enticed attendees to buy tickets; our job was to execute their vision.

With large quantities of people attending over the weekend, we needed to devise a project management plan that would allow the maximum number of people through the venue at any given time. Project lead, Cogs & Marvel Senior Project Manager Louise, worked with Convention Centre to develop a plan to ensure guests were processed quickly in the queues and got to spend as much time as possible in the building enjoying the event.

While the production team backstage ran the interviews, panel discussions, and performances on the main stage and took care of our VIP gamers, our onsite team managed the gamer zone outside, where they could trial the latest games on the market and play the old favourites from gaming giants such as Sega, Sony, and Nintendo. The exhibitor booths were placed strategically around the venue to allow for a steady flow of people throughout the space, limiting congestion in any one area. Fans young and old got to meet and greet their YouTube heroes throughout the day, while we managed the transitions between interactions to keep the queuing time to a minimum. Our onsite team interacted with the attendees to keep the enthusiasm high throughout the day and leave them with a positive experience to remember.

Keep an eye on INM’s media channels for news and updates about #PlayersXpo2018.


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