Case study: enchanted island

Enchanted Island: Zendesk Holiday Party

In 2018, we produced 235 creative events across 57 different cities for our clients. One of these events was the annual Zendesk Holiday Party. Taking on the task of creating a cultural moment, we produced holiday parties for Zendesk in Dublin, San Francisco and Madison Wisconsin. This case study takes you through the transformation of the space in Dublin, Ireland.

Inspired by Celtic Ireland, we transformed the CHQ Galleria in the heart of Dublin city into an enchanted island. The Galleria was complemented by the vintage vaults and the historic EPIC museum that lays beneath it. The EPIC museum is an interactive experience where you can learn of inspiring stories of the Irish who emigrated all over the world.

Guests entered the CHQ Galleria through a bespoke branded archway. Inspired by the Celtic design of the event invitation and the nature of the theme, the entrance doors were lined with beautiful green patterns and a border that read: “Zendesk Enchanted Island”.

EPIC Museum.

Choir performers and traditional musicians played in the underground vaults as guests were welcomed with drinks and canapes. In the Galleria guests immersed themselves in the forest garden to the backdrop of music, draped lights and fresh greenery with ivy cascading down the rustic stone pillars. We displayed a bespoke ‘Z’ on the exposed brick wall for an added wow-factor.

CHQ Galleria, pre-event.
CHQ transformed into the Zendesk Enchanted Island.

Finally, we ended the evening with a special curated ceremony centered around our celtic theme. The first award was the ‘Cú Chulainn’ award named after an Irish mythological hero. Other awards included the ‘Forever Young’ award, the ‘Salmon Of Knowledge’ and the ‘Queen Méabh of Connaught’ for the person who donated the most hours to CSR initiatives.

Using local history and historical characters in your next event can be a great way of connecting an international and culturally diverse workforce with the city they work in. In our next post we’ll show you the other event we did for Zendesk, same date, only this time in San Francisco.

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