5 Jaw Dropping Brand Experiences

At Cogs & Marvel, we believe every event should have a story. We create brand experiences that people love and remember – turning your audience from observers to brand ambassadors. When done well, brand experiences can inspire a change in the thinking and behaviour of your customers, clients, or staff audience. Brands like Nike, AOL, and Airbnb have led the way in using activations and experiences to define their public perception, build a global audience relationship, and increase revenue as they go.

With all the creativity that’s being cultivated around the world, as an experience designer it’s easy to feel inspired. Here are some recent brand experiences that have really wowed us.


AOL NewFront Block Party

Wanting to position themselves as innovators in the digital publishing industry, AOL hosted AOL Access: A New Kind of NewFront in 2016. Taking their media buyer audience out of the conference room and onto the streets of New York, AOL invited 3,000 media industry execs and consumers to the NewFront Block Party, which spanned four street blocks with open bars and food stalls for the after-work audience.

With interactive exhibits from Dreamworks, NBA, and TechCrunch, buyers could interact with their consumer audience, see their reactions to products, and experience the AOL brands in person. With so much to see, guests could tailor their experience to their needs.



Nike Air Jordan at Palais 23

To the world, Michael Jordan is the face of the NBA. To celebrate thirty years of Air Jordans and the Nike/Jordan partnership and to educate young Europeans about the Jordan legacy, Nike brought the NBA experience to Paris’ Palais 23. The interactive museum dedicated to Jordan’s career featured a “Flight Zone” dunk experience, the “DNA of a Champion” artifact gallery, and a Jordan footwear customization zone.


With over 21,000 attendees, 18,750 impressions using the hashtag #WeAreJordan, and over $1.5million in Nike sales, the event showed the powerful impact of the Nike brand and the international footprint of the Jordan legacy.



IBM Cognitive Studio

Offering a world stage to tech pioneers, standing out from the crowd at SXSW is no easy feat. IBM wanted to immerse the SXSW attendees in their cognitive solutions and show their use in everyday life.

IBM took over a 5,000ft2 restaurant around the corner from SXSW to develop the IBM Cognitive Studio, bringing their next generation technology to life for consumers to experience and interact with. From VR cycling routes and mind-controlled BB8 Droids to Watson touchscreens, IBM immersed the 9,000+ attendees in the cognitive experience and the value it would bring to their business.



Airbnb Open

Airbnb Open is a community-powered festival of travel and hospitality. Bringing Airbnb hosts from around the world to LA for three days in November, the festival celebrates the transformative nature of travel as well as the transformative nature of being a host, of offering hospitality to someone else in the world. It enables hosts to connect with each other and share tips on successful hosting while learning about Airbnb product updates and latest news.

Taking over Downtown LA, hosts from over 100 countries experienced popup activations that reflected the cultural opportunities available to international travellers, celebrating the local experience and neighbourhoods of a city. Airbnb hosts came together, learned from each other, attended inspirational talks with the Airbnb team, host educators, and celebrities such as James Corden and Gwyneth Paltrow, and explored Downtown LA during the day, then were treated to an evening entertainment line up with Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and more.



Jack Daniel’s House Siete

Bringing the house that Jack built to life, Jack Daniel’s created House Siete, a one-night-only event that immersed attendees in the Jack Daniel’s brand culture. Reaching out to a new market for the brand, millennials were targeted through a brand awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram to register to attend House Siete.

With interactive entertainment throughout, House Siete toured eight US cities and brought in an audience of over 6,000, engaging the guests experientially through the Jack Daniel’s story through experience.


Cogs & Marvel

At Cogs & Marvel, we believe that every time you get a group of people together, whether they be staff, customers, partners or consumers, you have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with you. You have an opportunity to turn passive admirers into an army of advocates for your corporate brand. Cogs & Marvel is an event agency that creates brand experiences to delight in the moment and inspire lasting change.

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