Case study: Indeed Prime @ Dublin Tech Summit

Creating WOW doesn’t have to mean you’re using your calendar event budget in one go. Leaving an impact on attendees can be achieved by a simple idea executed well.

For the Indeed Prime brand activation at Dublin Tech Summit, Cogs & Marvel took the launch party – a noisy gathering of ambitious techies in a Dublin evening venue – and turned it into a stock exchange of career opportunities. We did this by installing a job ticker, stock exchange style, over their heads. We didn’t ask them to change their behaviour in any way, to do anything different, we just reminded them that a gathering like this is a networking opportunity that could lead to career advancement and that their next move in the market should be to connect to Indeed Prime.

The jobs circulating above their heads (with salaries and locations) were jobs currently available on Indeed Prime, a new entrant into this space. The Indeed Prime brand is all about connecting the right people to the right jobs, quickly and simply, reducing recruitment times by half. They focus on tech talent so sponsoring the Tech Summit launch party was an excellent opportunity to announce themselves to this audience. The challenge was that no one likes to be sold to in a social environment. The solution worked because we changed the meaning of what the party-goers were doing (from being there for a laugh and a beer to being there to seek opportunity) without expecting them to do anything differently. And we put Indeed Prime at the heart of that opportunity.


At Cogs & Marvel, we believe that every time you get a group of people together, whether they be staff, customers, partners or consumers, you have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with you. You have an opportunity to turn passive admirers into an army of advocates for your corporate brand. Cogs & Marvel is an event agency that creates brand experiences to delight in the moment and inspire lasting change.

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