Interview with Oliver Astrologo

In October last year we worked with the Google UK PR team to create #romewithgoogle – an event which brought 87 travel journalists to Rome to experience the city using Google as their guide. With our event partner Samsung, we equipped each traveler with a phone and a local sim to explore the city using Google Maps, Google Translate, and Google Photos. Before they embarked, they were given a lesson in photography by Italian photographer Oliver Astrologo on how to capture that perfect shot. We caught up with Oliver to talk about photography, social media, and Rome.

Cogs & Marvel: Camera of choice: the iPhone vs the Android?

Oliver: I use both iPhone and Android devices: both the iPhone6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have sensational cameras built-in.

Cogs & Marvel: Best photo editing app?

Oliver: VSCO is my first choice to adjust colours of photos. I have recently discovered PhotoDirector, an excellent app to remove objects from photos.

Cogs & Marvel: You’re based in Rome, what’s your favourite Roman photo op?

Oliver: The sunset view of the historic Villa Borghese must be one of my favourite place in Rome to photograph, though I do love to wander around and take snapshots of the abandoned buildings scattered around Ostia on the coastline.

Cogs & Marvel: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for photo sharing?

Oliver: Instagram is my first choice. I believe that, at the moment, it’s the best platform for artists to showcase their work to large audiences. Personally I do like Flickr too; I tend to use it to host my best photographs.

Cogs & Marvel: Favourite photograph you’ve ever taken?

Oliver: It must be this one! (Check out the photo of Darth Vader above)

Cogs & Marvel: Any tips or trick for using live video on Facebook, Snapchat, or Periscope?

Oliver: Make sure you get live when your audience is more likely to be awake and engage with your live video. Needless to say but strong 4G or WiFi connection is a must. Content needs to provide the wow factor: it should be instructional, controversial, or interactive. Keep it authentic: showcase behind-the-scenes footage or the everyday mundane moments.

Cogs & Marvel: To selfie or not to selfie – what’s your advice?

Oliver: The Samsung Galaxy S7 provides the Wide Selfie mode that I consider an excellent feature especially when you don’t have a selfie stick at hand. I would however suggest capturing some moments of peoples life without having the people pose – it will make the photos much more interesting and you will appreciate it more when you are flicking through your photo album in years time.

Cogs & Marvel: And finally…if you could give one piece of advice to someone using a smartphone for marketing photography, what would it be?

Oliver: Nowadays the camera tech built into smartphones provides such excellent results that sometimes a professional DSRL is not be needed. This doesn’t mean that the basic rules of photography can be forgotten though: exposure and correct photo alignment are a must and can be achieved with a smartphone.  My recommendation is to read through the basic guides that explain how to take photographs: give yourself time to learn and apply your lessons to give your photos that professional look. I wrote this guide that would be a good start for any beginner.

A massive thank you to Oliver Astrologo for giving us some insight. To see his work check out his website and Instagram.


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