The science
of amazing

We know how
to wow.

In fact, we’re experts on how – how to bring your brand to life; how to build brand experiences that people love and remember and how to make it all easy and seamless. That’s because over the years we have learned a lot. We have learned how to create solid and inspired strategy. We have learned the value of a deeper brand consciousness, and we have learned how to use our vast logistical skills to create experiences with more engagement and more joy.

Brand Experiences and Activations

Everything we do is rooted in brand consciousness. That’s why the incredible experiences and activations we create are also meaningful ones. We go deep to understand your brand’s essential truths so we can unlock its potential in thrilling new ways.

Brand Legacies

When consumers become immersed in brand experiences they become part of the living, breathing, evolving brand story. Emotions are seared onto memory and the brand becomes part of their own story too. What greater legacy can there be? We help craft the stories.

Retail Activations and Pop-Ups

Whether a retail brand has physical space or relies on an online presence, we can create environmental activations and installations that live in an existing storefront, a window display, a public space, or a traveling roadshow.

Live Events

We make impact in the form of entertainment, sports, playful experiences, radical concepts, and spectacles for whoever you wish to wow. Want the greatest show on earth? With inspired event planning, we can make it happen.

Corporate Events and Conferences

Enjoy a door-to-door service that includes travel, registration, hotels, venues, restaurants, entertainment, and many more delights. Corporate event planning and travel is what we grew up doing.


Regardless of scale or complexity, travel is simple and seamless with us because our expertise is vast. We even have our own fully licenced and bonded corporate travel management company, Green Light Travel (licenced by the Commission for Aviation Regulation, TA 0754). The journey is the destination too.