Opposites attract. Hence the existence of that great pairing,
Cogs & Marvel.

The Cogs side of the operation is like our left brain; it’s all about logistics, the nitty gritty, the exactitude of it all. What greater joy is there than moving stuff around? Marvel tends to disagree. Marvel, like our right brain, is a more playful type, usually lost in big technicolour daydreams. Yet each needs the other and, when they get together, they spin fantasies into spectacular, meaning-rich realities.

At Cogs & Marvel, we weave logistical ability with brand consciousness and strategy with play to create live events and brand activations that trigger emotion and memory. Cogs & Marvel is a brand experience and creative event agency but also an agency of story and magic that delivers a bigger, bolder wow.

How will Cogs & Marvel wow you?